Chairman Message

Message from the Chairman

Every journey begins with a vision of reaching a destination. However our vision has never been limited to reaching someplace. Instead we have always envisioned a journey where our progress along with all HR Professional, Students and Associates.

The SAHRD believes that to continue building a work setting where each and every HR Professional, Students and Associates with diverse uniqueness can fully take advantage of their abilities and aptitudes is the key factor to the growth of the company as a whole. To that end, we respect diversity and will continue to promote a corporate culture that allows each HR Professional, Students and Associates to succeed regardless of their nationality, gender, or age.

The SAHRD has defined the Group Key HR Principles, and continues to endeavor to create a healthy environmental platform where HR Professional, Students and Associates feel excited to work and bring the experts of the industry and the upcoming professionals together to achieve inclusive growth in our field. ‘We’ aspect of the HR Meet talks about the inclusiveness of the existing professionals from the industry and the upcoming professionals groomed at SAHRD. ‘Are’ talks about the present, this aspect of HR Meet aims to explore the current scenarios in the industry and to come up with an array of solutions. The third element here, which is ‘HR’, while exploring this aspect the inclination of the HR Meet will be HR as a profession and its sub elements i.e. the Humans and their Resourcefulness.

You may wish to become a recognized expert in your field, a Good Team Manager, a Good Team Leader; at some point you may wish to change jobs, profession, city or country and You might be looking for new challenges, or to experience new cultures.

Vishal Patel
Chairman & Co - Founder

Our Benefits


Connecting with valuable contacts and Create Healthy HR Network across Gujarat and India. Fostering increase awareness


Highlighting your organization. Making HR practices unique and equal opportunity to right person on right place.


Explore new ways of approaching common business goals. Opportunity to nominate based on Showcase your achievement


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