The Strategic Associates for Human Resource Development (SAHRD) is a Gujarat and India level association representing human resource and people management professionals. We are targeting HR, IR, ER, Personnel, Admin, Safety, CSR, Associates (HR Vendors), Director, HR Students with Education Bodies as members from Gujarat and India. Whether you want to develop your career, get HR support, stay in touch with the latest industry developments, or help to grow the HR and management skills of your team, Produces world-class conferences; and hold seminars and networking opportunities all over Gujarat and India– including our regular HR event – the SAHRD National Convention. SAHRD’s membership is for you.

SAHRD also works to conduct research into people management practices, and assist governments in the development of policy and legislation that affects people at work.

SAHRD believes in Team (Together Everyone Achieves More) and Human Resource, SAHRD also believes that “Human” comes before “Resources”.

Our Tastes are very simple; we easily get satisfied with the “Best”.

Our Mission

The mission of Strategic Associates for Human Resource development is to promote professionalism, effectiveness, Walk together, Work on one platform and understanding the Human Resource Management field by offering members wide variety of professional development with equal opportunities and a common forum for sharing ideas and experiences.

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to promote quality work lifestyles and innovative value by uplifting empowered HR professionals building inclusive organizations where all HR employee’s leadership, perspective, resources and expertise are sought, utilized to address the most pressing, current and emerging HR issues and Making HR practices unique and share equal opportunity to right person at right place.


Code Of Ethics

SAHRD Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management.

As the India's largest Strategic Associates For Human Resource Development (SAHRD) , the SAHRD has a responsibility to set and support ethical standards for the human resource profession. Our Bylaws state that, "The purposes of the Association shall be to promote the use of sound and ethical human resource management practices in the profession…to be the voice of the profession on human resource management issues …to facilitate the development and guide the direction of the human resource profession …and to establish, monitor and update standards for the profession." Our Code of Ethics was first developed in 2018.

As SAHRD professionals, we are responsible for adding value to the organizations we serve and contributing to the ethical success of those organizations. We accept professional responsibility for our individual decisions and actions. We are also advocates for the profession by engaging in activities that enhance its credibility and value.

As SAHRD professionals we must strive to meet the highest standards of conduct and commit to strengthen our competencies on a continuous basis. HR professionals are expected to exhibit individual leadership as a role model for maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.

The standards outlined in our new Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management, together with integrated ethics program components, are designed to provide guidance and support in your daily work.


• To build respect, credibility and strategic importance for the HR profession within our organizations, the business community, and the communities in which we work.

• To assist the organizations we serve in achieving their objectives and goals.

• To inform and educate current and future practitioners, the organizations we serve, and the general public about principles and practices that help the profession.

• To positively influence workplace and HR practices.

• To encourage professional decision-making and responsibility.

• To encourage social responsibility.

All Members of SAHRD Pledge to:

• Maintain the highest standards of professional and personal conduct.

• Uphold and adhere to the bylaws and code of ethics put forth by SAHRD.

• Strive for continuous personal growth in the field of Human Resource Management.

• Support the SAHRD’s goals and objectives for developing the Human Resource Management profession.

• Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.

• Expand public understanding of the role of Human Resource Management.