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Benefits of SAHRD Membership

Your SAHRD membership yours Growth Partner and gives you exclusive access to:

Providing a wide range of developmental and educational programs and activities that allow members to develop their expertise in the functional areas of Human Resource Management. More as follows:

· Connecting with valuable contacts and Create Healthy HR Network across Gujarat and India.

· Fostering increase awareness and understanding of the Human Resource profession throughout the business community and the general public.

· Encouraging the highest standards of integrity through our Code of Ethics.

· Highlighting your organization.

· Making HR practices unique and providing equal opportunity to right person at right place.

· Explore new ways of approaching common business goals.

· Opportunity to nominate based on showcasing your achievements to whole HR fraternity through HR Award Functions. SAHRD shall compile best practices in all HR sub-domains through its award function and distribute to members for inspiration.

· Opportunity to volunteer in HR Events, Training Programs. Attend Power Sessions on latest and innovative HR trends, technologies. These are two hour sessions by thought leadership in the field.

· Contribute your articles for inspiration to the HR and Receive HR related personalized content, stories and updates from the leaders across the globe and be abreast of latest HR Competency Model for a successful HR career.

· Partners to list on Agora for an annual listing fee

· Category based listing. Users can search for relevant partners.

· Providing a regular forum for members to meet and exchange information in addressing current human resource issues through conferences,

   special events, learning centres, newsletters, journals and web-based resources.

· To discuss the HR, IR, ER, Statutory Compliance, Admin development topics and activities.

· Receive SAHRD HR Weekly, a complimentary weekly e-newsletter packed with current information related to HR practices and issues, as well

   as information on upcoming SAHRD events.

· Emphasizing economic growth and increasing vendor choices through support for standards and industry interoperability.

· Through association outreach, leverage your business and unlock leadership potential.

·  HR Seminar Organizing for HR Engagement.        

· Train the Trainer                                                

· Strategic HR

·  Return on Training Investment                                     

·  Automation in HR                                             

·  Jr. HR and Student Development.

·  HR Career development.                                                   

·  Accelerate Your Career                                

·  Career Preparation & Planning 

·  Career Competency Model                                              

·  Your Professional Development             

·  Career Expert Insights

· Organizations to be identified.

· Resources persons from Identified organizations to would be available for consultation on HR practices.

· Users can book a time slot for consultation on these given practices.

· SAHRD Members to get benefits as per chosen membership category.

· Live Webinars & archived webinars.         

· News & Updates.        

· SAHRD Journals.

 · SAHRD Certifications for HR Professional

· Certifications - Employee Relations Selection Skills

· Each programme will be sub categorized as Modules.

· Course to include time for digital content as well as engagement sessions with Practice Experts views.

· SAHRD Members to get benefits as per chosen membership category.

· HR Curriculum Guidebook & Template.        

· HR Program Directory.        

· Teaching Resources.        

· SAHRD Academic Partnerships.

· Affordable and flexible: You can choose the right platform that’s perfect for your business. You can survive anywhere after getting in touch with us. Our Service will be continuous where you will get various services as you require for your organization on your fingertips.

· Established methodologies save your own and your organization’s time and cost: When you hire the wrong person, it is a mistake that costs mostly higher than expected. Same thing here, if you select the wrong platform and invest money that may not survive long in the market. We prefer you to join with us. Here you will get everything updated through this platform and enjoy while saving your own and your organization’s time and cost.

· Saves your time, hassle and stress: Now No need to invest your own money in market for generating knowledge, creating value and making best reputation. Because we are the platform through which you will ensure higher achievement. Our simple goal is that “Right Person gets Right Place on Right Time”. Our Team Effort consists of highly experienced HR professionals who are skilled in handling all of your HR functions saving your time and money. Most companies will agree that it is much easier to join with us and lay the foundation for an HR infrastructure.

· Partnership approach: We’ll work closely with you and will build a relationship of integrity, trust and commitment. We’d like to be a long-term partner in your business growth and will work towards meeting your business goals.

· Learn from Each other: We’ll openly share each other‘s methodologies, so we can learn from each other and gain confidence in implementing our own HR.

· Personalized Content : Stories and products based on your HR interests from my SAHRD.

· Bookmarking : Save helpful tools and articles with a personalized notes option.

· Legal Compliance : Keep you up to date on legal changes.

· Daily News Updates: Subscribe for daily updates.

· E- HR Magazine & E-Newsletters: Award-winning news on HR topics delivered to your door or inbox and also represents your article, 

  Experience, blog to individual professionals.

· HR Discussion: Call, chat or email your question on portal.

· Online Member Community: Ask questions and discuss the latest in HR with the SAHRD Connect community.

· Discounts on SAHRD Member only; Conferences, seminars, Job Posting, books and more.

· Additional Premium Benefits: SAHRD ID Card, Online Login ID and PWD.

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Affordable Membership Packages

HR & Students Membership Fees

INR. 1500.00

Includes all benefits listed plus article in HR Magazine if any. Subscription in 1500/- for Annual Membership. GST is not applicable to us.

HR Vendor Membership Fees


Includes all benefits listed plus article in HR Magazine if any. Get an Annual Membership. GST is not applicable to us.

Company Associates Membership Fees

INR. 5000.00

Includes all benefits listed plus article in HR Magazine if any. Get Life Time Membership. GST is not applicable to us.